Monday, July 9, 2012

I realised someone in my position can't get on the council housing list in the UK too early so after I've got my son fed and watered I'll get some letters off to the UK.

My son's been a bit quiet. He can't help overhearing the shouting matches I've been having with DnB Insurance. Everyone seems to be on holiday so getting hold of a lawyer is a farce. A holiday. Imagine that. I can't.

Since I tried settling in Norway my routine has been trying to stay in work in Norway enough to pay for this house whilst not been in Norway too much to be here illegally but since my Norwegian ex was depressed for years, I would come back here, dump some things then take my son to the UK to see my family and give my ex a rest and leave Norway re-setting my "can't-be-in-Norway-more-than-three-months-at-a-time-meter", My son and I would then come back to Norway, I'd dump him with his Mum and go off to work again. I wasn't entitled to any benefits between work contracts anyway.

Finding the £50,000 worth of tax deductions were awarded no pension points was a blow. I don't want to repeat myself but after paying tax here for 23 years, my plan is to leave. Once a country has proved you're never going to be "one of them" you only have a small amount of time to re-establish yourself in your native land where you can collect what there is of your Norwegian pension and claim a pensioner's council flat and social security can lead.

After having your wages and taxes stolen in Norway ( Elite Music, Sarpsborg) and no pension points awarded for £50,000 worth of taxes deducted from your gross turnover, paying taxes there for 23 years without ever being entitled to unemployment or sickness benefit or a regular doctor, you risk ending up over 50 years old, like me, owning a house in Norway, having a son in Norway but having no permanent right to residency being very tired deciding to dismantle the home you share with you're Norwegian son rather than have it repossessed and sold for nothing leaving your son with nothing to inherit. Not a nice decision to make especially when your insurance company is still "talking about" about fixing your house 18 months after it froze in Norway's coldest November ever whilst you were on one of "must not stay in Norway more than 3 months" jobs on a ship.

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