Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I've repeated myself a bit here. Sorry for that. I'm mentally exhausted.

The house goes on the market with more gusto today. It has been for sale for a while now but not in the hands of a professional seller. Better to sell than have it repossessed. I'm not well, have no right to a regular doctor in Norway, no right to social security, had my taxes and £12,000 wages stolen by Norwegian employers (Elite Music, Sarpsborg) and been obliged to pay the taxes again which, of course you can't do from wages you haven't been paid and I never recovered from having to pay my child maintainence in Norway and mortgage and live with my son between contracts by drawing cash out of Norwegian mini banks.

Please don't come to Norway to live for more than 3 months a year. it will wreck your life as it has wrecked mine and others.

For now, I'll try an enjoy my last days in Norway with my son, eat myself well (living on bean and lentil sprouts but bought some food yesterday for my son) I know how precious the great memories my Mum in the UK gave me and I want him to have some too.

Despite everything, I'm lucky. My son will soon be old enough to decide who he wants to live with and I can make a life for us in the UK where we will both have residence rights whereas in Norway, even though I've worked and paid tax in Norway for 23 years, it will be another four and a half years until I can even apply for permanent residency and I can't go on like this more than a feww weeks.

I've tried to get the Sivilombudsman to create some leverage with Skattvest and NAV but that was a waste if time with Skattvest merely saying they never received the critical, unanswered fax I sent them in 2008 (I have the original safe of course, I'm not going to send that as evidence though I attached a scan) so like every other unanswered fax, letter and email, if skattvest are merely going to say 2we have no record of ever receiving this", it's another waste of time.

From thinking of moving abroad by Warren Davis.

" ...... This only came to light when the company (Elite Music, Sarpsborg) went bust owing a load of foreign workers their wages. Some of the workers returned to places like Bulgaria, heavily in debt, having been paid no money at all after, at their known expense, traveling to Norway, working for three months, not being paid and having to borrow the money to get back to Bulgaria from where they had to try and chase the money they were owed and explain to the Norwegian tax authorities why they couldn’t afford to pay the tax demanded, plus interest and fines, in letters that greeted them when they got home on wages they’d never been paid anyway. They then had to find the money to pay for international phone calls to call the Norwegian tax office who could easily take an hour to answer their phone and a year to answer emails and letters”.

“I also discovered around this time about 440000+ Norwegian Kroner worth of taxes I’d paid hadn’t qualified for any pension points in Norway contrary to what I had believed."

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